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position of the VietUc Varea project

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    The contiguous position of the VietUc Varea project is as follows:

    North: adjacent to Cong Cong channel
    South: adjacent to Cong Cong channel
    East: adjacent to Rach Mieu canal
    The West borders: Provincial Road 830 (part of Ring Road 4, being cleared and expected to begin construction in 2020).
    Internal utilities at du an VietUc Varea project
    At VietUc Varea project, the investor is equipped with extremely complete, diverse and most advanced utility system such as:
    Supermarket right on the front of DT824 street
    Square music country
    Park area along the river
    Zone fitness center
    Shop house for sale
    BBQ garden
    Playground for children
    Electricity and water are completely negative
    Light park
    Water Zone Water Park.
    Ligh Square water music square.
    Lake ecology landscape.
    River Star Riverside Park.
    Walking Street.
    Vietnam Australia International School system Varea.
    Easy Shopping urban market.
    Vietnam Australia International Hospital.
    Multipurpose sports complex.
    Pool overflowing
    Gym room with international standards
    Club House Mini Golf.
    Coming to VietUc Varea ben luc , you will enjoy the fresh, cool and close life with nature in the true way.

    External utilities at VietUc Varea Ben Luc
    VietUc Varea project inherits the best facilities in the area such as:

    Shopping, market, supermarket: Ben Luc Market, An Thanh Market, Ben Luc District Cultural and Information Center, Green Electronics - Supermarket, ...
    The system of primary, secondary, and secondary schools in Ben Luc district such as Tan Tao University, Tan Duc, Duc Hoa, E.City Duc Hoa Long An, ... is only 12.5 km away.
    Banks system; ...
    Vietuc Varea Long An Move 5 minutes to the center of Ben Luc town and fully inherit the area.
    The connection is only about 7 minutes to the Satellite Town of Water Point.
    Move 10 minutes to Duc Hoa Town.
    Just move about 15 minutes to the heart of Tan An city.
    12 minutes drive to the Happyland Racecourse.
    Connecting to Hiep Phuoc port only 15 minutes.
    Travel about 35 minutes to Ben Thanh Market.
    40 minutes by car to connect to Tan Son Nhat International Airport.
    Only stone park Japan - RinRin Park, Xuan Thoi Thuong, Hoc Mon: 32km.
    Dam Sen Cultural Park, Tp. Ho Chi Minh City is only about 33km.
    From VietUc Varea only takes 45 minutes to reach the center of District 1
    It is about 25 km from Phu My Hung urban area in District 7.

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